FURminator Review

Keeping pets free of fur and hair is a hassle, especially if they are very furry/hairy pets. The standard comb and brush gets the job done, but if you to pick the hair out by hand you know it can be tedeous. So in comes the FURminator, the hair removal comb that takes much of the hassle out.

FURminator combs for cats and dogs have been around for a few years and are very popular. With good reason. They make fur removal much more efficient. In a nutshell, the FURminator is a brand of combs that have a release mechanism that pushes the fur/hair off the teeth of the comb. This makes combing much faster as you can just remove the hair with a tissue and keep combing. There is even a version that connects to a vacuum so that you can just comb and vacuum the hair right off.

This is an outstanding product that will help keep your furry friend cleaner and also your home.